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Viking Discs Warpaint Ragnarok

Viking Discs Warpaint Ragnarok

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Ragnarok is designed for long control drives when you really need tight s-curves and finishing fades. Most players will find Ragnarok very useful in different kinds of situations. By changing your releasing angle, you can shape the s-curve in any creative way you can imagine. Ragnarok can be used for maximum distance from beginners up to advanced players. Even for a fast driver, the rim size is comfortable and easy to grip. Suitable as a first distance driver.

Flight numbers: 11 | 5 | -1 | 2

Weight: 172g

Warpaint is a full-color, decorative version of Armor plastic from Viking Discs. It is a durable, yet very comfortable, opaque plastic blend that is very similar to Star from Innova, or Gold Line from Latitude 64. It is a top-notch plastic blend expecially for drivers-- able to take a beating and keep performing. Warpaint features full-color artwork with exciting new designs. 


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