Team DiscTrader Highlight

james sayler a.k.a. j. slayer

Hey guys, James here! I've been playing disc golf for about 3 years now. My brother introduced me to this silly sport with the most unusual "rules" as we attempt to throw these discs into a basket that seemed oh so far away. It didn't take long for me to get hooked. Now, I've spent the last year and a half playing almost every single day.

This sport, this community, is unlike any sport I have gotten into. Every single one of you have been welcoming and warm with open arms, accepting every new player with unfathomable excitement. We would go as far as to build an entire bag for our friends in hopes that they will be just as addicted to the sport as we are. Long term I would love to take my experience and meet many new people, I've already began to become involved in the community so much and it only goes up from here. I hope to build my own course one day, run events and just be a shining light in the sport of disc golf. So, watch out world!