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Prodigy D2 Pro 500

Prodigy D2 Pro 500

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The D2 Pro is a part of the new Pro Line of Drivers from Prodigy that is intended to be the best discs for the pros to use. These discs have a great feel in the hand and seem to be more overstable than the regular D line counterparts. The Prototype D2 Pro comes in beautiful 500 plastic that seems to be fairly stiff plastic that will last a really long time.

These discs seem to be great headwind fighters as well as great forehand discs. Players like Kevin Jones, Luke Humphries, and others will be seen crushing this disc without fear. The stamp is a special run that was a Black Friday Stamp Design Contest winner. Make sure you grab a Tribute Stamp 500 D2 Pro today!!

Prodigy says: “The D2 Pro is a very overstable, high-speed distance driver. The slimmer profile gives it a similar feel in the hand to the D2 Max, but the D2 Pro significantly cranks up the overstability. Players will be able to count on a hard finish, and those with higher arm speeds and more power can get a similar flight to the D2, but with slightly less glide and a stronger fade.”

Flight Numbers: Speed: 12 Glide: 5 Turn: -1 Fade: 3

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