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Kastaplast K3 Kaxe

Kastaplast K3 Kaxe

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K3 Kaxe – A fast, 6 speed midrange from Kastaplast. It has the feel of a midrange but with a more aggressive wing, that allows for fast speeds while still being really controllable. Generally a pretty flat disc, it feels great in the hand both forehand and backhand. Usable as both a straight to overstable fairway or a fast overstable midrange, the K3 Kaxe will have you feeling confident, maybe even cocky, out on the course. The K3 plastic is perfect for those shots that need to stick close to the green, it is also a great plastic for cycling one mold through your bag. Control and versatility all in one disc, it is a true disc golf hybrid. Grab a Kastaplast K3 Kaxe today!

Kastaplast says this about the mold: “A FAST MIDRANGE DRIVER OR SLOW FAIRWAY DRIVER? SOME WOULD SAY IT’S BOTH. A TRUE MULTI-PURPOSE DISC THAT HAS BECOME THE FAVORITE CONTROL DRIVER FOR MANY PLAYERS. Appreciated for its predictable flight, the Kaxe will come in handy in numerous situations on the course. Due to its slim proportions and decent stability, Kaxe handles wind well without being very overstable. Kaxe is an old Swedish word for a self-confident person.”


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