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Kastaplast K1 Krut

Kastaplast K1 Krut

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K1 Krut – Big arms rejoice! The Krut is a great feel in the hand and can handle all the power that you can put on it. With that same great Kastaplast feel, the K1 plastic has tons of durability. The First Run comes in the great Kastaplast Mint color that they have become known for. Make sure you grab a Kastaplast K1 Krut today!

Kastaplast says this about the mold: “Thankfully we don’t need gun powder to power our discs down the fairway. Instead, we use our bodies to slingshot the disc. Technique is a major part of disc golf and once you have gained control over your movement a reliable disc is essential for consistent results. Krut will give you that consistency. When the Guld lose speed and continue to glide, the Krut enter a predictable fade. Use it for mighty S-line distance shots.”


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