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Kastaplast K1 Bergx

Kastaplast K1 Bergx

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K1 Berg X – The Berg is one of the most loved discs in the Kastaplast lineup and it just got an upgrade. The Berg X feels very, very similar to the Berg but it has even more stability. You will be able to trust the Berg X in any and all conditions. The K1 plastic is extremely grippy and has a feel that Kastaplasters have come to love. Make sure you grab a Kastaplast K1 Berg X today!

Kastaplast says this about the new overstable mold: “The time has come to add another sandwich to the table – the Berg X. With numbers similar to the original Berg, the Berg X will travel about the same distance with a short fade and end with a heavy landing. You will also recognize the grip and feel. It is the torque resistance that really sets them apart. This disc is an absolute beast in the air, give it all you got, the Berg X won’t turn over.”


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