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Doomsday Discs Plague Prototype Alpha

Doomsday Discs Plague Prototype Alpha

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This is the first prototype run of the Plague distance driver which was made in a silver, premium plastic that is very gummy and flexible with great grip. We took suggestions from Team Doomsday members for plastic names and favored the choice to call this particular plastic blend “Meltdown.” Since this was the first large prototype run, we stamped it as “Prototype Alpha” to commemorate the first large prototype run for the Doomsday Discs brand.

The preliminary flight numbers for the Plague, as decided by the team members, are as follows: 12 / 5 / -1 / 2.5

The Plague in Meltdown plastic is generally agreed to be less overstable than in other, stiffer plastic blends.

The Plague will spread throughout the disc golf world, and given time, will infect every corner of the market. There’s no escaping it.

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