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Doomsday Discs Landmine

Doomsday Discs Landmine

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In the realm of disc golf, where survival teeters on the edge, behold the Doomsday Land Mine—an extraordinary and trusty disc destined to stand out in your arsenal. This experimental disc features a boxy shape with a relatively flat top and a blunt, thick rim, offering precise shot placement upon the desolate landscape. Unyielding to the whims of fate, it resists soaring past its mark, swiftly settling down upon losing forward momentum. Embrace its confidence as you putt with conviction, bolstered by its firm and grippy plastic.

Let the attributes of this ominous artifact be known, whispered with reverence:

Speed: 2, a modest velocity, a whisper of swiftness through the wasteland air.
Glide: 2, a serene glide, navigating the currents with calculated composure.
Turn: 0, unwavering in its trajectory, unyielding to the beguiling allure of deviation.
Fade: 2, a steadfast retreat, a testament to its resolute grip on reality’s precipice.

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