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Discraft Scorch

Discraft Scorch

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The Discraft Scorch (ESP FLX) is a stable distance driver made with premium grippy plastic that is both durable and has some flex to it. The ESP FLX Scorch is an incredibly versatile driver for intermediate and advanced players. It is very manageable for huge turnover anhyzer lines as well as hyzer flips once it starts to beat in. If you need an adaptable driver to fill the gap for a variety of shot types, the Discraft ESP FLX Scorch is a great option!

This blend combines two of Discraft's most popular plastic  types: FLX & ESP. With Z FLX no longer in production, Discraft is excited  to combine the durability of FLX with ESP’s comfortable feeling and  vibrant swirls.
Providing an  impressive grip, these discs will maintain their structure and stability  to be enjoyed all year long. This new addition to our lineup will be  great for all weather conditions, especially colder climates.

Flight Numbers: 11 | 6 | -2 | 2

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