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Discraft Nuke SS

Discraft Nuke SS

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The Discraft Nuke SS is the “super straight” version of the popular Nuke driver. While this maximum distance driver has an extra wide 2.5 cm rim and is still very fast, it can be thrown by less experienced players. The Nuke SS has a high degree of high speed turn that is followed by an equally high degree of low speed fade. The Nuke SS is available in the highly durable Z-line.

The Discraft Nuke SS gives developing players the means to get the distance of more advanced throwers without needing years of experience. You can get very long turnovers at medium speed, or throw your longest rollers ever at high speed! 

Flight Numbers:  13 | 5 | -3 | 3

Fly Dye may vary in color or pattern from pictures shown.

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